Welcome to Remington!

An indefinable, free spirited, loving being with good fortune!

Rhodesian Ridgebacks—whether you love them for their majestic nature, extreme loyalty, intelligence, speed, sheer beauty or all of the above and more—are a unique breed with profound history. Nearly 10 years ago I bumped into a couple walking their Rhodesian Ridgebacks while I was out on trail with my horse. I immediately researched, learned more about the breed, our family fell in love and the rest is history!

A few years later and after countless hours of more research, we were very blessed with our foundation bitch, now GCH Oakhurst Leena Roo (Leena). Originally we were seeking a well-bread, healthy Ridgeback from a very reputable breeder to be a part of and protect our family. She was the perfect addition in every way! Showing was not in our original plan, but we had a change in heart and decided to dabble in a few match shows. Subsequently, Satosha and Leena gave the real conformation ring a try and had a blast. In just a little over a year of showing in a minimal amount of shows, Leena’s excellence shined through from start to finish, earning her GCH title with a total of 11 Majors, multiple Best of Breeds and Best in Show Owner-Handler – 100% owner-handled. However, lure coursing is Leena’s favorite place to be if not curled up in bed, on the couch or in front of a fireplace.

We strive to capitalize on and preserve the RRCUS code of ethics, breed to standards, provide superior disposition and conformation by always blending healthy foundation bloodlines. It is our passion to pay forward in many ways the gift we were given in the Ridgeback community. We are excited for all future journeys!